Add a Basement Bathroom with an Ejector Pump

The basement in many homes is an under-utilized area. It may be used for a laundry room or storage, maybe a rec room for the kids. What if your basement could add more bedrooms and useable space to your home? Often the reason this area is not used more is the lack of a bathroom on this level of the home.

The reason many homes do not have a bathroom in the basement is a simple plumbing problem. Most plumbing is gravity driven; water and waste travels downward to the main sewer line with the use of gravity. In basements, waste needs to go up, so simple plumbing methods are not functional. The solution is an ejector pump that can propel water and waste up pipes to the main sewer line.

How an Ejector Pump Works

Ejector pumps are similar to sump pumps. They are automatically activated to pump waste water up and away from the home. With the installation of an ejector pump, you can add a half, three-quarter or full bath to your basement. The ejector pump will replace gravity to move the waste water from your bathroom fixtures. Most ejector pumps are electric require little maintenance to continue performing for many years.

Adding a bathroom to your basement can give you more living space for your family and inflate the value of your home. To learn more about how and where an ejector pump can be installed, contact your local plumbing company that offers ejector pump service. Your plumbing professionals can help you plan and install your ejector pump and bathroom fixtures to give your basement a new bathroom.

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