Do Septic Biological Additives Work?

The key to a healthy septic system is a tank that breaks down waste solids efficiently. Bacteria and enzymes that feed on solid waste should flourish in your septic tank to limit the solids retained in the tank. There are many septic additives that are sold in retail stores that claim to help improve this process, especially those that are biological and contain bacteria and enzymes. But do these additives work and are they worth the investment?

What Biological Additives Can and Cannot Do

Septic biological additives are meant to boost the number of bacteria and enzymes in your septic tank. Often, it is recommended they be added right after your septic tank is pumped and then periodically throughout the year. The idea is to increase the bacteria that feed on solid waste to reduce how often you need your septic tank pumped.

Do these additives work? Biological additives will not harm your septic system and can boost the bacteria in your tank. This can help maintain a healthy septic tank that is effective at breaking down waste. However, the number of bacteria and enzymes in the over-the-counter products you put in your toilet and flush down is very small in comparison to what is probably already in your septic tank.

Septic biological additives are just a boost. The best way to protect your septic tank is by avoiding putting chemicals down the drain that can kill the bacteria and following the recommended maintenance by your septic service. While there is no harm in using biological additives, you may want to discuss the best options for maintaining an efficient septic tank with your local septic professional.

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