Why is There Sewage in My Tub?

Have you noticed your tub gets dirty almost on a daily basis? Or worse, you see sewage bubbling up the drain into your tub or shower? If the bathtub in question is on the lowest level of your home, you could have a sewer line or septic problem. The lowest drain in the home is often a bathtub or shower since it is located near the floor. When waste water is coming up the drain, it is a sign of bigger issues with your waste system.

How Sewer Lines Work

Most homes have a gravity sewer line system. This means all waste and water that goes down the drains in your home are not pumped but rely on gravity. All waste flows through the plumbing to the lowest level of the home and exits out the main sewer line. However, if there are blockages, waste water will go to the lowest exit available, often up a tub or shower drain on the lowest level.

If you flush a toilet in the home or run the washer and waste comes up your bathtub drain, it is likely you have a blockage in your sewer line. It could be a partial clog that only lets some water go by slowly, causing the rest of the water to backup into the lowest drain of the house. Major clogs do not fix themselves; most likely it will continue to get worse until the entire sewer line is blocked.

If you have sewage coming up into a low drain in your home like a bathtub or shower, call your local plumber or sewer service company. They can inspect your sewer line and/or septic system to find the problem and offer solutions to resolve the issue.

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