Insist on a Thorough Septic Inspection Before You Buy Your New Home

Buying a new home can be an exciting and nerve-racking time. Whether it is your first home or you are changing locations for your job, growing family or school districts, you must consider many factors when purchasing a home. No one wants to buy a home and find out a few months later that there is a major issue that will need repair. If you are buying a home with a septic system, having that system thoroughly inspected is vital before you make an investment into the home.

Septic system failures can cost several thousand dollars or more to repair or replace the system. While most counties and state regulations require a septic inspection by the owner before a home sale, considering the importance of this system, you may want to schedule your own inspection. Find a septic service company that offers intricate inspections that include:

  • Complete inspection of all septic components – tank, distribution box, leach field and any other components
  • Digital camera inspections of sewer lines. A broken sewer line or clog can cost thousands of dollars to fix. A digital camera inspection can ensure that the pipes underground are in good condition.
  • Functionality of the system. Checking the level of bacterium in the septic tank and the health of the leach field, mound system or sand filter should be completed.

It is worth the extra investment to have your own septic inspection completed before you buy a new home. It can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your new home has a solid, quality septic system that should last for many years to come.

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Four Reasons to Have a Septic System Professionally Inspected

There are times when you need to have a septic system inspected by a professional. Most people know very little about septic systems, even when they own a home or business that use one for their sewage system. In certain circumstances, you need someone who has the training, experience and tools to evaluate the efficiency and productivity of the entire system. Here are four reasons that you may need to call a septic professional for an inspection.

 You are buying a house or business with a septic system. Buying property with a septic system is a large investment. You will want to know that the system is in good working order before making the purchase.  Most places require a septic inspection before a property can be sold.

You are selling property with a septic system. If you are selling your home or business, you should plan on having a septic inspection. It most likely be needed before you can sell the property, but you don’t want any surprises at the last minute.

You are having drain field issues. Is there an odor coming from your drain field or water pooling? You may have a major issue with your septic tank or drain field. Call a professional for an inspection immediately.

You are having drain backups. If the drains in your home or business are backing up, you should have your septic inspected. Digital cameras can be used to find the problem, whether it is in your sewer pipes, in the septic tank or drain field.

Septic systems are too expensive to trust an inspection to anyone but a trained professional. Make sure you hire a qualified septic service that will thoroughly inspect your system and give you a detailed report on its performance.

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Buying a Home with a Septic System

Are you in the market to buy a new home? If you have been considering living in a rural area, you may come across homes that rely on a septic system versus city sewer. For some new homeowners, a septic system may seem like a deal breaker. If you have never owned a home with a septic system, you may be concerned about the maintenance and upkeep needed. However, you shouldn’t let a septic system stand in the way of owning your dream home. Here are some facts that can help you decide if a home with a septic system could be right for you and your family.

  • It is estimated that 25% of the population relies on a septic system for their home. You would be one of millions of other homeowners use and maintain a septic system.
  • Septic tanks can last up to 50 years when maintained. The other equipment can also last for decades when regularly serviced.
  • There are benefits to owning a home with a septic system, especially when it comes to monthly utility costs. Although you must maintain your system, you will not need to pay for sewer service.
  • Septic service options. You can hire a local septic service company to maintain your system for you. With annual service and periodic inspections, your system can be easily maintained without you needing to do any of the work yourself.

Septic systems do require you to meet certain safety standards set by the EPA, state and local authorities. However, if you hire a local septic company to maintain your system, you won’t notice a large difference between using a septic system versus a city sewer, except you won’t receive a monthly utility bill. Don’t miss out on buying your dream home just because it has a septic system; you may be surprised how easy owning a septic system can be when you have the right septic service company to help you with maintenance.

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Buying Land with a Septic System?

You found the perfect place to invest in a new or vacation home, a piece of land that is already equipped with a septic system. Whether there is already a small cabin or trailer on the property or there used to be a structure, you are imagining your new home that will easily hook up with the existing septic system. Before you write that down payment check for the property, you will want to have a thorough septic inspection.

Most property purchases with an existing septic system will require an inspection of the system. However, the inspection is just to ensure that the system is functional and meets the local regulations. A clean bill of health on a septic system does not mean you will be able to use it for a future home you are planning to build. Before buying land with a septic system that you intend to use for a new home, here are a few things you need to know.

  • When was the system installed?
  • When was the last service and/or tank pumping?
  • What size of a tank does the system have?
  • Where is the drain field?

These are all important questions with more important answers. A septic system that is decades old may need many upgrades. Plus, the tank size and drain field may not be large enough for the size of home you want to build. If the system has not been maintained, it could mean large expenses down the road.

Before you decide to buy land with a septic system, make sure you invest in a thorough inspection of the system by a local septic service and get the answers to these questions. It could save you from future disappointment and many expenses if it is not right for your needs.

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Importance of a Complete Septic Inspection Before Buying a New Home

There are many factors to consider when buying a new home, including whether the home is on a septic system. Unlike city sewer systems, it is up to a homeowner to maintain a septic system and this could be a major expense if the previous owner has not kept up on the home’s septic service. Most states or local municipalities will require a septic system inspection before a home can be sold. However, it is in your best interest to ensure a complete inspection is performed covering these basics.

  • Tank is pumped. For a thorough inspection to be performed, the tank should be pumped. Make sure that the tank was emptied so that the tank can be checked for structural damage. If the tank will need to be replaced soon, this could greatly affect your buying decision or the price of the home.
  • Lid inspection. The septic tank lid should be inspected for several issues, including depth, cracks, seal performance and risers. All items should meet the local standards.
  • Drain field performance. The drain field is an integral component of the entire septic system. If it is not performing correctly, the entire system could fail and need to be replaced, costing several thousand dollars or more.
  • Measurements. As part of the pre-sale inspection, the septic tank should have several measurements taken, including the level of solids, water flow from the home into the tank and waste water flow from the tank to the drain field.

All components such as baffles and other equipment should also be checked to ensure every part is in good working order. You want to start ownership of your new home with a clean slate, so make sure the septic system is thoroughly inspected for your peace of mind.

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Family Rules for Your Septic System

If you own a home with a septic system and having a growing family, you will need to have some family rules to avoid septic system problems. The fact is, if you don’t teach your kids from an early age what not to do when it comes to putting waste down the drain, it will most likely cost you a small fortune down the road. As soon as your kids are old enough to use the toilet or wash their hands themselves, they need to start learning these important rules for proper septic maintenance.

  • Flushing. Kids are known to flush items down the toilet that have no business going down the drain. This can cause problems in any home but it is even worse with a septic system. Make it very clear that nothing should be flushed down the toilet except bodily waste and toilet paper – that’s it. No cotton swabs, no ‘flushable’ wipes and certainly not an action figure!
  • No food down the drain. Teach your kids to scrape their plates and pans well before attempting to rinse their dishes. Fat, grease and many hard food items can cause harm to your septic as well as cause clogs in your pipes.
  • No chemicals or drugs down the drain. Your septic system has a bacterial balance that must be maintained in the tank for it to function properly. Harsh cleaning supplies, paint and even medications can destroy that balance, so teach your family to never dispose of chemicals or drugs down the drain.

On top of following the rules, having annual inspections and maintenance on your septic system can help prevent septic issues. Make sure to add calling your local septic service once a year to your family rules to increase the life of your septic system.

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Septic Inspections: A Must When You Are Selling a Home

When you are trying to sell your home, you must jump through many hoops to impress potential buyers. You want to fix any small issues around the house that may detract from the value of your home as well as make it look as desirable as possible. But one thing that can be a deal breaker when trying to sell your home is a septic issue. Most home sales will require a septic inspection before the sale is finalized so why wait until the deal is almost done? Get a septic system inspection as soon as you decide to sell your home.                                             

Get a Thorough Septic Inspection

Nothing is worse than thinking that your home is sold, then finding out at the last minute you need thousands of dollars of septic repairs. In many cases, you may lose the buyer, even if you agree to fix the septic issues. Instead, get a thorough septic system inspection before you start putting up for sale signs. Call a local septic company that performs inspections and ask if they offer:

  • Septic tank inspections
  • Drain field inspections
  • Digital camera inspections of underground sewer and septic pipes
  • Certified septic technicians

You want to ensure the company you choose will look at every aspect of your septic to certify that it is in excellent working order. And if there are problems, you can get them fixed before putting your home on the market by the same local company. When it comes time to sign on the dotted line and sell your home, you can be assured that there won’t be any septic issues standing in your way.

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Plan Now For Extra Stress On Your Septic During The Holidays

During the holidays, many families gather from all around the country to share special occasions together. If you’re hosting a gathering which will be attended by several extended family members, you will need to prepare for extra people in your home. This includes the extra stress put on your septic system, not just finding enough beds and extra linens. Nothing can ruin a holiday quicker than having a house full of guests when your septic system fails, so now is the time to prepare your septic for the heavy use in the months ahead.

Schedule A Septic Inspection

Prevention is always the best option when it comes to septic systems. Once there is a problem, it can be extremely costly and very inconvenient, especially during the holidays. To ensure your system is ready for the holiday season, schedule a septic tank inspection. Your local septic service company can check:

–        Your septic tank level. If your tank is approaching a level which indicates time for pumping, it’s best to have it done now, before you have extra guests adding to the tank. Your service professional will check the level in your tank as part of the inspection.

–        Your drainfield. Your drainfield is an intricate part of your septic system. If it’s not working correctly, it can cause an entire system failure, the last thing you want to happen when you have guests.

–        Bacteria balance. As part of the inspection, most professionals will check to make your bacteria levels are correctly balanced and waste is being processed adequately. With high usage on the horizon, you want your septic system ready to handle more waste than usual.

By scheduling preventive maintenance and any necessary repairs now, you can more easily avoid having any septic issues during the busy holiday season. It’s worth the peace of mind to know your septic will be ready for them once your guests begin to arrive.

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3 Signs You May Need A Septic Inspection

There are blissful septic system owners who have been fortunate enough to never have a septic problem or emergency. Still, no septic system will last forever, and there will eventually be a time when every system will need repair, maintenance or replacement. At the first sign of any trouble with your system, you should strive to get a professional inspection performed immediately. Often, catching the issue before it becomes a large problem can save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. Here are three sign that it’s time to schedule a septic inspection.

  1. Backed up or slow drains. While a septic backing up or draining slowly is often a sign that it’s time to pump your tank, that’s not always the case. Often, septic owners will assume this is the problem and schedule a pumping, just to find out after they pay for a septic pump that it wasn’t the root of the issue at all.
  2. Green, tall grass  growing on the drainfield. If the grass is noticeably greener and taller over your drainfield than the rest of your yard, you may have an issue in your system.  You should also look for pooling water or soggy ground around or near your drainfield.  Any of these issues is a good reason to call your septic professional for an inspection.
  3. Unpleasant odors. Once you start smelling foul odors in your home, around your septic tank or near your drainfield, you should be on the phone to your septic professional. If you are smelling waste material, something is not working correctly.

Often, a septic inspection can catch these issues before the entire system fails and needs to be replaced. Consider having an inspection done as preventive maintenance once a year; it may save you substantial amounts of time and money down the road.

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Water Conservation and a Septic System

Septic systems are designed to handle a certain amount of water. Proper sizing of a septic tank for a home is a huge component in ensuring that the system will last for twenty-five or thirty years. But more than just proper sizing, water conservation will also help to extend the life of a septic system. Septic systems function at their highest capacity when they are not overloaded with too much water. By taking just two simple steps, people can ensure that their water usage is appropriate for their home’s septic system.

First, it is important that there are no leaking pipes, faucets, toilets, shower or bath heads, or outside plumbing fixtures. It is a good idea to check the plumbing inside a home on a regular basis to make sure that the toilets are not constantly running, there is no drip constantly leaking water, etc. A small lead can add up very quickly. Making sure that water is not leaking or constantly running is a first step in water conservation.

Second, it is important for people to consider laundry when they are trying to determine their water usage. By adjusting the settings on a washer per load (small, medium, large), people can conserve water. Also, by doing one load per day instead of waiting to do all the laundry for a five person family on one single day, the amount of water that will be flushed into the septic tank will be a more consistent level instead of flooding it all at once.

These two steps of water conservation can make a huge difference in the performance of a septic system. By treating water as a valued resource that is meant to be managed, people can help to ensure that their septic systems last for many years.

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