Septic Maintenance Basics for New Homeowners

If you are a new homeowner, you have a long list of maintenance items that come with your property purchase. Owning a home is a wise investment, but it also requires preventive care to help maintain the value and minimize unexpected repair costs. One system that may be new to you is a septic system. While it may seem daunting to be in charge of your own waste disposal system, if you keep up with maintenance, you may be able to avoid many costly repairs. Understanding the basic of septic maintenance is key to avoiding expensive septic repairs and replacements.

Avoiding Unnecessary Disposal

One of the main aspects of maintaining your septic system is reducing the waste that goes down your drains. Make water efficiency a priority, using water conservation fixtures and techniques. Also, the items that go down your drain impact your septic system. Practice keeping chemicals, grease, non-biodegradable items and solid food products out of your drains to reduce stress on your septic system.

Protect Your Underground Plumbing

The majority of your septic system is underground. You need to protect the tank, pipes, drain field and distribution box from damage. Keep vehicles and heavy machinery off your lawn or property where septic equipment resides underground. Also avoid planting trees too closely to septic pipes; root invasion can cause serious sewer pipe damage.

Routine Inspections, Pumping and Repairs

You do not need to do much of your septic maintenance on your own. Hire a septic professional to come out at least once a year to inspect your system, perform pumping when needed, and repair/replace components. This can prevent expensive septic emergencies and keep your system working reliably throughout the rest of the year. It is a wise investment and one that will help protect the value of your home.

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