Protect Your Sewer Line During Utility Work

Your main sewer line may be hidden, but just under the surface of your yard it is performing its duty. Many people may not know exactly where their sewer line is, which can pose problems. If a new phone line or gas pipe needs to be installed to your home, utility workers may need to run a trench through your yard. It is vital to protect your sewer lines from damage to prevent expensive repairs down the road.

Find Your Sewer Lines

If you have a lot schematic of your property, it may show you where your sewer line runs. You may also be able to get an outline of underground utilities on your property from your local utility or building municipal departments if they have one on file. The other option is finding the outlet from your home (usually in the basement or crawlspace) and following the path to the septic tank or city sewer line.

Inform Utility Crews

Most utility crews will investigate to ensure they are not disturbing any existing utility lines before they begin digging. However, do not assume they have done their due diligence. It is not uncommon for damage to be done to sewer lines or a D-Box that is not realized until many years later. When you need to replace a sewer line because it eventually breaks from damage done years prior, you most likely will be left paying for the repair.

Concerned that a utility crew may have damaged your sewer line? Contact a local sewer line service to have your pipes inspected for damage. It is better to find out sooner than later, giving you an opportunity to have the repair done before it causes damage to your home or property.

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