5 Warning Signs of a Failing Septic System

Septic systems can last for decades when properly maintained. Even when something goes wrong, it can usually be repaired. However, there can be a point of no return if you do not recognize the signs of trouble, requiring you to build a new drain field. Here are five signs your septic system is having issues to give you time to have it repaired before it fails.

  1. The grass is greener. If the vegetation over your drain field is very different than the surrounding area, you may have trouble starting. This can mean the waste water is not filtering down quick enough or too much solid waste is escaping the septic tank.
  2. Slow drains in your home. One slow drain in your home is a plumbing problem. When all your drains are slow, it is likely a sewer line or septic issue.
  3. Sewage odors. When a septic system is working properly, you should never smell sewage. If you have bad odors coming from your drains or you smell sewage outside, there is a problem.
  4. Wet spots or pooling water near your septic system or drain field. Wet areas, dirt erosion or pooling water anywhere near septic system pipes, tank or drain field can mean trouble.
  5. Bio-mat formation. One of the biggest alerts of a problem is a bio-mat forming over your drain field. This is a scum layer of biological material that is caused by too many solids entering your drain field.

If you notice any of these warning signs, do not hesitate to call your local septic service company to schedule a septic tank inspection. Often, the problem can be fixed, and you can avoid the expense of installing a new system.

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