Dangers of Sewer Line Damage

You may not think about your main sewer line but if it is damaged, you will be forced to spend more time and money on this component of your plumbing than you ever wanted. Whether you have a septic system or use municipal waste removal, you have a main sewer line that travels out of your home. It either connects to the city sewer line or your septic tank and it needs to be protected to reduce risks of damage.

Find Your Sewer Line

If you do not know where your sewer line runs, it is important to find out. You may be able to get a good idea by locating where it leaves from the house. You can find this in your basement or crawl space under your home. It is most likely located on the side nearest the city sewer line or your septic tank. From there, you can assume it runs straight to the connection with the city sewer or tank. If you have the plot plans for your home, the sewer line path should be outlined on these plans.

Protect Your Sewer Line

Although the sewer line may be located a few feet underground, it is still susceptible to damage from above. It is crucial to make sure that this area is not disturbed as it can lead to a broken sewer line in your yard. Some common causes of sewer line damage include:

  • Driving a vehicle over a sewer line
  • Post hole digging for fences
  • Trenching to add utility lines
  • Construction, landscaping or digging above the sewer line

To protect your sewer line, keep the area above it a work-free zone and make sure no one drives near this area. If you notice any erosion or depressions in the ground above the sewer line, you may have a broken pipe, or a leak, and you should call your local sewer/septic professional immediately.

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