What is a Distribution Box?

If you have a septic system with a drain field, a crucial element of your system is your distribution box, also call a D-box. This component is between your septic tank and your drain field, functioning as a directional tool to ensure the waste water is distributed evenly in your drain field. It is important to know where it is and what can go wrong if this element of your septic system is no longer working correctly.

Understanding Your D-Box

In most cases, the d-box for a septic system is located several feet away from the septic tank toward the drainfield. It can be made from cement or plastic and is usually 1-3’ in width and length and 2-3’ deep, but it can depend on when it was made and the size of the septic system. Not all distribution ‘boxes’ are square – many of the plastic ones available are round. The d-box will have on inlet hole where the main drain line comes from the septic tank and several outlet holes to pipes leading to the drain field.

When effluent is released from the septic tank, it travels by force of gravity or pump to the distribution box. The effluent goes in and the waste water is released through the several holes to the drain field. This ensures that the water is distributed to several different pipes so one area of the drain field does not get overloaded.

It is important to know where your distribution box is and to ensure it is not disturb. Digging, trenching or driving over the d-box can damage it and cause a leak or disruption in the levels of distribution pipes to the drain field. It should be routinely inspected to ensure it is working correctly by your local septic service when they perform maintenance on your septic system.

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