5 Ways to Prevent Sewer Backups

No one wants to open the shower door and find a sewage backing up the drain. Sewer backups can occur for several reasons, but usually they are preventable. The main cause of a sewer backup is a clog in your sewer line – other causes can include septic system failure and sewer line breaks. The best ways to prevent sewage backup issues include keeping your sewer lines clear and maintained – try these five tips.

  1. Keep grease and fats out of your drains. Fat and grease are responsible for many clogs in plumbing, including large clogs in your sewer lines. Grease also can cause problems with septic systems. Wipe out greasy pans before rinsing or cleaning to keep grease out of your drains.
  2. Be careful what you flush. Cotton swabs, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls and other solid items can cause clogs in your pipes and in septic systems. Keep non-biodegradable items out of the toilet.
  3. Compost hard foods. Even if you have a garbage disposal, some hard or solid foods should not be put down the drain. Start a compost for hard food items like egg shells, tough produce peels and coffee grounds to prevent clogs.
  4. Schedule preventive hydro-jetting. Debris and sludge can accumulate in your sewer lines. Hydro-jetting performed by a sewer professional can clear your sewer lines to prevent clogs.
  5. Inspect your sewer lines and maintain your septic system. Every few years, have a camera inspection performed on your sewer lines – this can identify any pipe deterioration or problems for preventive repairs. Also, if you have a septic system, make sure to schedule annual service to prevent backups.

A few preventive steps can eliminate many problems that cause sewer backups. It is worth the investment to keep your sewer lines and septic system maintained to help prevent inconvenient and expensive sewer backups.

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