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Are you experiencing possible septic tank problems that are causing a bio-mat to develop improperly? This is a bio-waste clogging of your drain field, preventing liquid from being properly absorbed into your septic tank. You could need our Springfield MO septic tank pumping service as well as additional septic tank inspection in order to deal this serious septic problem.

Bio-mat is generated by anaerobic bacteria from human intestines. Typically, it is able to endure passage through your septic system. But what you've got is its arrival in your drain field and soil, causing an enormous problem. You’ll know this is happening when you find some slimy substance developing in your drain field, and this is leading to the whole area of the soil surrounding your drain field clogging up.

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So, you see, the bio-mat is a layer of bacteria that forms in the soil surrounding and beneath the drain field trenches where wastewater, or septic effluent, gets discharged. The bio-mat is very necessary to the processing of fine biological solids and pathogens contained in the effluent. If there were no bio-mat, your septic system would fail to treat the effluent. But...insufficiently treated effluent in your soil can contaminate nearby water supplies.
Septic tank inspection would reveal that you need the services of our Springfield MO septic tank pumping company in order to make your bio-field healthy again. This would mean a healthy bio-mat rather than the reeking, sloshy mess that you are experiencing if you're having this common septic tank problem.

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You don't want to let bio-mat problems get out of hand. Furthermore, there are ways of preventing them in the future. We are able to help you prevent these problems by helping schedule regular maintenance on your septic tank. Just contact our Springfield MO septic tank pumping company today and ask us about our full line of septic services.

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