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If your septic tank hasn’t been cleaned for more than 2 years, chances are that it may be about to overflow. When waste water enters the septic tank, it is separated into heavier solids and lighter solids. The heavier solids sink to the bottom while the lighter ones such as grease, tissue, paper and fats float to the top and build a layer of sludge. If regular Memphis TN septic tank pumping services aren’t performed every year, then chances are that the sludge can build up straight to the inlet pipe and stop further waste from your house from coming into the tank.

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So if you are experiencing drains that have clogged and won’t open despite anything you do or if they are backing up into your house, chances are that you need a septic tank pumping. The best solution to make sure your septic tank remains trouble free for generations is to have our Memphis TN septic tank pumping service come take a look.

Others factors that point towards a badly filled up septic tank include sewage odors, wet areas on your property, drain noises that resemble gurgling and overflowing plumbing fixtures. Garbage disposals can also play a role in your septic tank becoming partially blocked or clogged. If you ignore your septic tank pumping needs right now, chances are that you could have pay thousands of dollars down the road.

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Our qualified plumbers and technicians will get the job done timely and with minimum hassle to you and your family. Our Memphis TN septic tank pumping company will handle all your septic tank service needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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