Keeping Up with Sump Pump Maintenance

Your sump pump is a vital component to keeping your home and basement dry, removing excess water from around the foundation to prevent water and mold damage to your home. You need to know that it is working 24/7 and will turn on when needed to pump water out and away from your home. The best way to ensure your sump pump is working correctly is to performed routine maintenance and inspections through the year, especially before and during the wet months. Here is a quick checklist on what to look for to ensure your sump pump is working properly.

  • Fill basin with water and make sure pump turns on and begins pumping the water out
  • Make sure the pump is upright and level, with the float working correctly
  • Remove the pump from the basin and clean the grate on the bottom of the pump
  • Clean the pump screen or inlet
  • Inspect the cord and connected plumbing for any problems – look for wear and tear, leaks or other issues that may need repair
  • Remove any debris from the basin or outlets

Before you clean screens or do any maintenance on the pump unit, make sure to unplug it first to avoid any risk of electrical shock. You should check your sump pump at least four times a year to ensure it is in the proper position, clear of any debris and is turning on when the water gets to the designated level.

If you inspected your sump pump and there are any problems, contact your local sewer/plumbing service. Most offer sump pump repair or replacement services to keep your sump pump working year-round.

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Is it Time for a New Sump Pump?

Many homes are equipped with a sump pump to keep water levels from damaging the home. Most commonly this can be with homes with a basement that may flood when water levels get too high. But other homes may have portions besides the basement that are built below the water level, needing a sump pump as well. Whatever the reason for the sump pump, this equipment can prevent costly water damage so it is important to ensure your pump is working correctly. Here are a few signs that a sump pump may need to be replaced.

–          Cycling off and on too frequently. Have you noticed that your sump pump seems to be working overtime, turning on and off over and over, even when the weather isn’t overly wet? This can be a sign that the motor is failing and the continuous on and off cycle will only wear it out quicker. Have it inspected immediately.

–          The pump isn’t turning on at all. If your pump is not turning on, it can be something as simple as needing a float replacement or adjustment, or the entire pump may need replacement.

–          Too long of running cycles. Is your sump pump turning on and running for several minutes or longer? Taking too long to pump the water is a sign the motor is not doing its job correctly. Either the motor is wearing out or just too small to handle the amount of water needing to be pumped.

If you have any of these signs with your sump pump, call your local sewer company for a sump pump inspection. It may be time to replace your old pump with a newer, more efficient model.

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