Backyard Basics for a Functional Septic System

When you have a septic system, you have many pipes running under the ground around your home. Sewer lines run from your home to the septic tank and then run from the tank to your drain field. All this underground equipment is essential to your septic system, but sometimes out-of-sight means out-of-mind. It is important to consider this valuable equipment when doing anything in your yard that may impact your septic system. Here are some backyard basics to help you maintain a functional septic system.

Do You Know Where Your Sewer Lines Are?

Do you know exactly where your sewer lines run? This is essential for protecting them from damage. If you do not know, have your local septic service company come inspect your system and give you a schematic of where your lines run. This will help you avoid these areas in your yard.

Be Carefully Where You Plant

Big, beautiful trees can be an asset to your home; they can also cause havoc on your sewer lines. Don’t plant trees that will grow large anywhere near your sewer lines. Tree roots can extend dozens of feet away from the tree’s trunk. Those roots seek moisture and they love to break into sewer lines.

No-Drive Zones

You should never allow vehicles to drive on your yard where your sewer lines are located. This includes the ones going to the septic tank, the lines to your distribution box and all the pipes to your drain field. The drain field is also off-limits for vehicles or heavy equipment.

Doing a few protective basics in your backyard can help prevent many expensive septic issues down the road. Along with regular service and pumping, preventive care can help protect your septic investment for many years to come.

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