It Is Time for Spring Cleaning – Underground!

Spring is the traditional time to clean up your home. You pull down the drapes for dry cleaning, sweep the debris off your roof and pressure wash the patio and driveway. You may even hire someone to clean out those gutters that are clogged from all the winter storms. But you may be forgetting one place that needs cleaning to work properly – your sewer lines. Yes, out of sight is out of mind, but if you don’t maintain those pipes, that sewage won’t stay out of sight forever.

Below the ground, your sewer pipes are working overtime. Those big holiday parties with heavy, fatty foods and guests over for the big football game in February all taxed your plumbing. Waste debris can build up inside your pipes, especially grease and fat, collecting particles until a clog forms. Then your trees and shrubs do their damage by reaching their long roots to wrap around your pipes, infiltrating through cracks, adding more potential clogs. It is time to clean out that mess before it backups into your home!

So how do you clean your sewer pipes? You don’t. You hire your local sewer/septic company that offers hydro jetting to do it for you. They have the equipment to effectively “pressure wash” your sewer pipes. This forceful water jet can cleanse your pipes of gunk and tree roots, making them clear to continue doing their job for another year.

While you are having your sewer lines cleaned, make sure they also do a thorough camera inspection of your pipes. This can help detect any potential issues before they become an expensive sewer emergency. Remember, preventive maintenance is always less expensive then repairs, so it is worth the investment.

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Maintaining Your Sewer Pipes

When was the last time you took a look at what is inside your sewer pipes? There is a good chance that the answer to that question is never. Let’s face it – unless there is a problem, most people don’t want to think about those nasty pipes at all. But the reality is that if you own your home for ten or more years, those pipes will need some sort of repair or replacement, especially if you don’t perform any maintenance. Why wait for a sewer emergency? Plan your sewer pipe maintenance now to see what is in those pipes.

So what can you do to maintain your sewer pipes? One of the most common issues that can cause a sewer back-up is a clogged sewer pipe. Over the years, pipes can collect debris and waste, especially if grease and oils are disposed of down the drains. Sewer pipes can become clogged, backing up sewage into your home. These pipes can also be infiltrated by tree roots, damaging the pipes and creating blocked lines. Preventing a back-up is ideal, which is where regular maintenance comes in.

Your local sewer or septic company can use digital video cameras to inspect your sewer pipes. These cameras can identify any clogs that are beginning to form, pin point tree roots and detect pipe damage. If there are clogs forming or roots are in your pipes, these can usually be cleared out using professional hydrojetting. This process uses high water pressure to clean your sewer pipes, removing debris and even stubborn roots.

Having an inspection every year is the ideal way to prevent sewer emergencies and maintain your sewer pipes. Ca;; your local sewer service company to schedule your sewer pipe maintenance.

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