Is a Sewer Line Replacement Covered Under Homeowner Insurance?

No homeowner wants to find out they need a sewer line replaced. Not only can it mean digging up your yard and the inconvenience of no plumbing in your home until it is fixed, it is an expensive project. If you come home to a sewage backup into your home or a sink hole in your yard due to a broken sewer pipe, you need to know your options, especially when it comes to managing the cost. In some cases, you may be able to make a claim to your homeowner insurance to help pay for the repair or replacement of your sewer line.

Replacing Old Sewer Lines

If your sewer line is a few decades old and finally cracked from general wear and tear, it is unlikely that this will be covered by homeowner insurance. Pipes wear out and it is expected that they will need replacement eventually.

Check Your Policy

Whether or not you can use your homeowner insurance to help offset the cost of replacing your sewer line depends on a few different factors. What caused the damage to the sewer line is important – was it an earthquake, flood, crushed under a vehicle, or tree root invasion? Next, it depends on your policy and insurance carrier. Some situations may be covered under a general policy, but damage from natural disasters like earthquakes may require a special type of coverage. The best way to find out if you are covered is to carefully read through your policy or talk to your insurance agent.

While sewer line replacements are not cheap, it is a project that usually only needs to be done once every few decades. Talk to your local sewer line installation contractor to discuss your options to find the best way to cope with the cost.

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Will My City Sewer Service Fix My Sewer Line?

When you find out you have a problem with your sewer line, you may think your first call should be to your city sewer service. After all, you pay for sewer service every month, so issues with your sewer line should be covered. However, that is rarely the case when it comes to sewer line repairs. Here’s the scoop on sewer line repairs and who is responsible for fixing pipes on your property.

Most municipal sewer services provide drainage of sewage to a local treatment plant. Homes and businesses in the city connect to a main sewer line from their buildings. However, the sewer line that runs from a home out to the main sewer line is not part of the municipal sewer system. In most cases, if a sewer pipe breaks or is clogged, it is the property owner’s responsibility to fix. Exceptions may include if the issue occurs at the connection to the city sewer line or if a backup is caused by the city sewer line.

Repairing Your Sewer Line

The first step to fixing your sewer line issue is to call in a sewer service to inspect your pipes. Your sewer professional can tell you where the problem is; if it is a city sewer line issue, they can let you know and you can contact your city utility department to report the problem. If the problem is with your side sewer pipe, you may be able to cover the cost of repair or replacement through your home insurance, depending on your coverage and what caused the damage.

When repairing a sewer line connected to a city sewer, make sure to use a qualified sewer service. Some cities require certification for sewer services that work on side sewers that are connected to the city system, so check the requirements in your area.

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Does Your Insurance Cover Sewer Line Replacement?

When you realize you have a broken sewer line, the first thing to run through your mind may be the cost. Sewer line repairs or replacement are expensive – it can cost thousands of dollars to fix a sewer line problem. One way to mitigate the cost is to find out whether your homeowner’s insurance could cover some or all your sewer line repair.

Not all homeowner’s insurance covers sewer line repairs, but some have limited coverage. If the sewer pipe breaks due to a natural disaster, damage from weight or other accidental incidents, there is a chance that the replacement may be covered under some insurance plans. You would need to check with your homeowner’s policy and read the fine print regarding these special types of repairs or talk to your insurance agent. However, there are some causes of damage that are most always NOT covered under insurance, like wear and tear or damage to the sewer line connection to the city main line.

If you do not have sewer line replacement on your homeowner’s insurance, you may be looking at paying for your repair out-of-pocket. If you have not had a sewer line problem yet, call your insurance agent. Find out if coverage is available for your sewer lines to protect you in case of accidental damage.

Keep in mind that sewer lines will eventually need replacement due to normal wear and tear. It is better to be proactive and replace old pipes that are beginning to deteriorate before they cause a sewer backup and need emergency replacement. Schedule an inspection of your sewer lines to make sure they are clear and in good condition as part of your regular home maintenance.

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