How to Tell if your Sump Pump Needs Repair

Ironically, sump pumps are put in to prevent a flooding emergency, but they can sometimes cause the emergency. Since sump pumps are not necessarily used year-round, they can be easily forgotten when it comes to maintenance and repair. However, if your sump pump does not work when it is needed, you could be in for a flooded basement that can cost you plenty in damage and repairs, both on the sump pump and your home. Here are some tips to keep your sump pump maintained and how to know when it needs a repair.

  • Beware of bad odors. A bad odor coming from your basement may be sign that your sump pump repair. Check your sump pump – if the odor is especially bad in that area, you need to call your sewer/septic plumber for an inspection and possible repair.
  • Flooding. Obviously if your basement has any flooding, your sump pump may not be working correctly. Call your local sewer plumber for a repair.
  • Strange noises. If the sump pump is making more noise than usual or sounds like it is struggling, it is time for a service. It may just need a little tune-up on the motor or other regular maintenance, but it is better to be proactive and get it serviced before it quits running altogether or needs an emergency repair.
  • Keep your sump pump maintained. Schedule regular service for your sump pump, especially before the wettest seasons of the year.

Don’t wait for your sump pump to breakdown. Watch for signs that it needs repair and have regular maintenance performed to prevent sump pump emergencies. Talk to your local sewer/septic plumber about scheduling your next inspection or maintenance service.

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