Sump Pump Installation and Repair

Sump pumps are a critical part of keeping every basement dry, especially on those homes where it is not possible to “daylight” the drain tile.  On these homes the rainwater collected in the drain tile and stone drainage system installed along the footings is not allowed to escape and stays in place.  Ultimately this leads to basement leaks!  In an ideal world, the drain tile would be run out to a point on the property below the level of the footings and be allowed to escape by gravity.  However, this is not possible on many properties because of grade conditions and the only solution available to keep basements dry in this situation, is to install a sump pump pit and a sump pump.

A sump pit is installed level with the basement floor, where drainage pipes from the footing allow the water in the drain tile and stone to flow into the pit.  The sump pump, which is electrically powered, is installed in the pit.  When a sensor detects water in the pit, the sump pump then turns on and pumps the water out of the pit and to the outside of the home via a sealed pipe.

As with most mechanical systems, it is critical that the sump pump system be regularly inspected by a qualified contractor, who installs and services sump pump systems.  They have the expertise and qualifications to quickly and economically repair or replace the pump as necessary.  In addition, they can install a completely new sump pump system, including pit and pump, if necessary.  A properly installed and maintained sump pump is critical to keeping a basement dry.

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