Where is My Sewer Line Clean-Out?

The main sewer line that carries waste away from your home is underground, but all sewer lines should have a clean-out port. This access point is designed to give you and sewer professionals a way into the sewer line without needing to dig up the pipe, which can be useful if you have a clog or need a repair. If you do not know where your sewer line clean-out is, here are a few tips to help you find it.

Do You Have the Plot Plans for Your Home?

If you have the plot plans that were used to design and build your home, this is the easiest way to find the clean-out port for your sewer line. It should be identified on the plumbing layout, making it simple to locate the port.

Look Between Point A and Point B

Your main sewer line leaves your home at point A, and empties at point B. The empty point is either a municipal sewer line or your septic tank. The clean-out port for your sewer line will be between the two points. The clean-out is usually a small pipe with a screw on cover that is poking out of the ground. In rare cases, it could be behind a wall or in a crawl space.

Call a Sewer Professional

If you cannot find your clean-out or believe you have a sewer line clog, call your local sewer professional. They can locate your clean-out and perform an inspection on your sewer line with a digital video camera that can be snaked through your sewer line. Once you know where your clean-out is, make sure it is kept accessible for sewer line repairs and maintenance in the future.

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