When to Replace Sewer Lines Vs Repair

Your main sewer lines can last for decades – if you have an older home, your existing sewer lines may already be decades old. The good news is that many people never need to replace their sewer lines and many can be repaired when a problem arises. However, when should you invest in replacement versus a repair? Here are some circumstances when replacement may be a better option.

Multiple Repairs

If you have already needed to fix a cracked or leaking sewer line and are having more problems, it may be best to replace the pipe. Patching the pipe over and over can cost more in the long run than replacement, and it is a major inconvenience each time it occurs.

Poor Pipe Material

Many older sewer lines were made with cast iron, cement or other corroding material. These pipes were made to last, but they will also corrode over time. If you have a broken or corroded pipe, it is probably the beginning of a long line of problems. Replace with a more durable material to avoid future repairs.

Location Problems

Did your sewer line burst from tree root invasion or weight from vehicles? If your sewer is located in an area where it is susceptible to damage, it may be best to replace and move it to a better spot.

It can be a hefty investment to replace sewer lines, but it may be more cost effective than multiple repairs. Before you spend money on a repair, consider whether it may be best to complete a full replacement to avoid more expense and headaches down the road. Talk to your sewer professionals about your options.

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