Should You Replace Your Main Sewer Line?

The main sewer pipe or line that whisks your home’s waste away to a septic system or city sewer can last for decades. Many old sewer lines still exist that were made from clay, lead, concrete or metal, first installed forty, fifty or more years ago. While these pipes have done their duty, they are more likely to have problems in the future. If you have one of these older types of sewer lines, is it time for replacement?

You may think if there is not a problem, why fix it? True – you can wait for a problem to arise and then replace the pipe if needed. That day may come sooner than you think. If a sewer line is over thirty years old and made from a material that deteriorates like metal, concrete or clay, the day may come when there is a large sewage pool in your yard, or a sewage backup into your home. Or, you could proactively replace your old sewer line now before you have a sewage emergency stinking up your home.

Replacement Options

Most sewer lines now are made from PVC or plastic. These will not corrode from moisture or age, and they tend to withstand tree roots invasion better than the older types of pipe. Once in place, it is unlikely that you will need to repair or replace your sewer line again in your lifetime, so it is a wise investment.

If you are not sure what type of sewer line you have, you can get yours inspected by your local sewer service company. They can do a camera inspection to check the inside of your sewer line to determine the type and condition and give you options for replacement, if needed.

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