Why You Should Proactively Hydro-Jet Your Sewer Lines

It is common to put most sewer or septic issues out of mind until there’s a problem. It is not something you see or want to see, so unless it creates an issue in your home, it is usually forgotten. However, a little proactive maintenance can go a long way in preventing sewer line clogs and backups that can be inconvenient, nasty and expensive. Here are some reasons why you should proactively hydro-jet your sewer lines to keep them clear of clogs.

  • Trees love sewer lines. If you have trees in your yard, their roots would love to find their way into your sewer line. The moisture inside attracts roots to infiltrate sewer lines. Hydro-jetting can remove any small roots that have made their way inside and clear them before they cause a clog or broken pipe.
  • Remove sludge. Almost every sewer line has a certain amount of sludge that accumulates over time. While it may not be clogging the pipe now, it can eventually become thick enough to cause a backup. Clearing it out regularly can avoid sludge buildup and clogs.
  • Proactive repairs. When you have your sewer lines hydro-jetted, your sewer service can also do an inspection of the pipes. This is done with a digital camera that can be fed down through the line. This can reveal any potential problems so you can get them fixed before they cause a sewer line emergency.

Add sewer line hydro-jetting to your list of household maintenance that you do once a year. It is worth the time and investment to avoid costly and inconvenient sewer line clogs and other repairs when you least expect it.

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