Prevent Sewer Line Problems

No one wants to wake up to a sewer backup into their home. However, if sewer line problems are left unchecked, that could be your reality one morning in the future. The problem is that most homeowners do not know they have a potential sewer line issue until it is too late. Stop waiting for the sewer backup to occur and invest in some preventive maintenance.

You maintain your car, HVAC and other systems to prevent failure. The same should be true of your sewer and plumbing system. Clogs don’t happen overnight, nor do rust or corrosion. These are issues that can be caught in the early stages and fixed before they cause a nasty and expensive sewer backup. But it is not something you can do on your own. You need to be able to see what is happening in your sewer lines to mitigate issues – you need a sewer professional.

Camera Inspections and Hydrojetting

The best way to maintain your sewer lines is to schedule a camera inspection through your local sewer service professional. Using a small digital camera, your sewer technician can investigate your sewer lines from the inside. They can view whether there are any clogs forming, tree roots that have invaded your pipes or breaks in the pipe that need repair.

After the inspection, if there is any sludge, tree roots or clog formations in your sewer lines, your sewer tech can clear your lines with hydrojetting. This gives your pipes a thorough cleaning, keeping them clear and free from debris that can cause a sewer backup.

Don’t wait for a mess in your bathroom or a soggy sewer spot in your yard to tell you there is a sewer line issue. Call your local sewer service to schedule preventive maintenance today.

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