Do You Know Where Your Sewer Lines Are Located?

When you look out at your yard, do you think of what is running below the surface? In many cases, it is your sewer lines, quietly doing their job day in and day out. You most likely do not think about them at all, unless they become clogged or broken. There lies the problem. Many homeowners forget they are even there and can accidentally cause damage to them. Here are a few tips to keep those lines safe and protected.

Locating Your Pipes

The first step to protecting your sewer lines is knowing where they are located. If you are on a city sewer system, they most likely run directly from your home to the street. With a septic, it will be through the main line leaving your home to your septic tank. These areas are no-drive zones. Keep all heavy equipment away from areas.

Landscaping and Outdoor Structures

Planning a garden or building a gazebo in your yard? Consider where your sewer lines are before you get started. Keep in mind if your sewer lines ever need to be dug up, anything above them will be ruined. Stick to grass above your pipes.


One of the biggest culprits of destroying sewer pipes is tree roots. Do not plant large trees near your sewer lines. Tree roots are powerful and are attracted to the moisture of your pipes, infiltrating through small cracks. They can split sewer pipes and causing backups into your home.

If you do not know where your pipes are located, call your local sewer service company. They can help you find your pipes and do an inspection to ensure they are in good shape under your yard.

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