Homeowner’s Guide to Sewer Maintenance

Owning a home involves a plethora of items to maintain, from the roof to the underground sewer lines. Truth be told, many homeowners do nothing to maintain their sewer lines. They may not even think about their sewer system at all until there’s a problem. Unfortunately, ignoring your system until there’s a problem often means these issues will be more complicated ones, often at a very high cost and inconvenience. A better plan is to provide preventative maintenance on your sewer system to ensure that it can continue functioning for years to come.

Sewer Maintenance Tips

The good news is there’s not much you need to do to maintain your sewer. Often, it’s more about what not to do than actual maintenance. A sewer system that was installed correctly can work without problems for decades, with a little help from its owners. Here are a few tips for maintaining your sewer lines:

  • Flushing. The biggest sewer line problems often come from the bathroom, where larger items enter the sewer lines. To prevent clogs, don’t flush anything but water, waste and toilet paper, avoiding even items which claim to be flushable.
  • Drains. Keep fat, grease, chemicals, paint, coffee grounds and fibrous vegetables out of your drains. Get in the habit of throwing these items away, not allowing them to go down into your sewer pipes even if you have a garbage disposal installed.
  • Cleanings and inspections. Once a year, hire a local sewer professional to inspect and clean your sewer pipes. Many emergency sewer problems can easily be prevented by keeping your sewer lines clear.

Your local sewer line service company can offer additional advice about how to keep your sewer system maintained. Ask them for maintenance advice at your next inspection and sewer line cleaning.

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