Do You Know Where Your Sewer Line is Located?

Every day you take a shower, flush the toilet and use the kitchen sink, but do you know where all that water and sewage goes? Magically it disappears from your home, out to the main sewer line that whisks it away to be treated. But somewhere between your home and the city sewer line is your connection, probably under your front yard of your home. Do you know where it is exactly? There are some good reasons why you should find out.

In most cities, the sewer pipe that connects a home or business to the main sewer line is the property owner’s responsibility. If something happens to that line, the repair or replacement cost will be on your shoulders. This is why you should know exactly where your underground sewer pipe is on your property. Consider these possible problems:

  • You hire a landscaper to put in a decorative fish pond right where your sewer pipe is located. They damage the pipe when they begin to dig – now you have to fix it.
  • You plant new trees and shrubs in your yard. A few years later their roots penetrate your sewer line, causing a sewage backup into your home because you planted them too close to your sewer pipes.
  • You hire a contractor to do work on your home. They drive their equipment over the sewer line, damaging the pipe because you did not warn them of its location.

There are many other scenarios that could cost you expensive repairs just for not knowing where your sewer line is located. Call your local sewer service company to complete an inspection, including outlining where your pipes are located so you can avoid damaging these crucial plumbing fixtures.

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