What Can a Sewer Line Camera Inspection Reveal?

In the past, the only way to know what was happening in your sewer lines was to dig up the pipes, creating a big mess in your yard. Digital technology has made it easier to identify sewer line problems without the task of digging up pipes unless necessary for repair. Small digital video cameras are used by quality sewer and septic service companies that can be snaked through sewer lines to inspect the interior and identify problems, making it quicker and less expensive to maintain your sewer lines.

Sewer line camera inspections can be used as preventive maintenance to find possible issues before they cause a sewer line clog or backup. They can also help determine where a sewer line problem is, and what is causing a sewage backup. Some of the problems that can be revealed during a sewer line camera inspection include:

  • Tree root infiltration. Tree roots are often the cause of breaks or clogs in your sewer line. Camera inspections can reveal if any tree roots have found their way inside your pipes and where they are located.
  • Sludge buildup. A thick buildup of sludge can occur in sewer lines that can lead to clogs. Camera inspections can check the levels of sludge; high levels may require a clean out, usually with hydro jetting.
  • Clog or crack locations. If you have a clog or cracked pipe, your sewer line professional can use a camera inspection to find the location to begin repair.

Camera inspections make it quicker and easier to maintain sewer lines, saving you money and time. Choose a sewer or septic service that uses digital camera inspections for maintenance and repairs.

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