What Is Blocking Your Sewer Line?

Are multiple drains in your home slow or beginning to back up? One drain with an issue is likely a clog in the pipe, but if multiple drains are backing up or draining slowly, you may have a blockage in your sewer line. Some other signs of a sewer line clog include:

  • Bad odor coming from the drains
  • Drains near the main sewer line outlet are the slowest or first to back up
  • Wet areas in the ground above the sewer line
  • Sewage odors outside

If you are concerned you have a sewer line blockage, it is important to know where and what is causing the clog. Often sludge buildup creates a partial or full blockage, collecting debris that comes down the drains. Other possible causes of a blockage include tree roots, broken sewer lines and non-biodegradable items that are accidentally flushed down the drain.

To find out what is blocking your sewer line and where the blockage is located, contact your local sewer or septic service company. Most quality sewer services have digital cameras that can be lowered through the sewer line to find out what is blocking the pipe and where the clog or broken line is located. Once it is identified, a plan can put in place to remove the clog or repair the sewer line to clear your sewer pipes.

At the first signs of a sewer line blockage, call a plumbing or sewer service professional to inspect your sewer line. You will want to find and remove the blockage before you have a sewage back up into your home that can cause damage and put your family at risk.

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