What to Expect When Your Septic Tank is Installed

When you are having a new septic tank installed, you need to be prepared for the process. It is not as simple as digging a whole and dropping in the tank. There is planning and permits that are needed, whether it is a new or replacement tank for your septic system. Most homeowners will only have one tank installed in their septic system over a few decades, so knowing what to expect can help the process go smoother.

Planning and Permits

Before the installation can be scheduled, you need to complete the planning process. First, you need to decide the size of tank needed. If you are replacing an existing tank, this is an opportunity to upgrade to a larger tank. Talk to your septic tank professionals to determine the best type and size of tank for your home.

Placement of your tank will also need to be planned. If it is a replacement, it will most likely be placed in the same location. However, for new tank installations, your installer can help choose a location that will meet the local regulations.

Once you decide on the tank, you can make sure you apply for your permits. Often your septic installer can help with getting the right permits from the city or county office in your region.

Day of Installation

When you have the permits and planning completed, your contractor will schedule the day of your installation. Expect a significant amount of soil removal for new installations, including trenches for pipes and a deep hole for the tank. Replacement should not need as much digging, but the old tank will need to be disconnected and removed before the new tank can be lowered and buried.

When the correct planning and preparation is completed, your septic tank installation can be done expediently when you hire experienced installers. Make sure to plan your tank installation carefully with your contractor to ensure it is done right and legally from beginning to end.

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