Is it Possible to Move a Septic Tank?

When a septic system is put in place, it is meant to last for decades. The position of the tank and drain field is carefully designed to best suit the property and building it serves. However, down the road, the property owner may decide that they want to build or make changes to the property. When that happens, the septic tank could be a hindrance.

While it is not a simple task, septic tanks can be moved. This involves digging up the tank, disconnecting pipes and putting in a new tank at a different location. New pipes will need to be added to connect the building with the new tank and to divert waste water to the drain field.

There are considerations that must be factored in when deciding to move a septic tank. Some old cement tanks may not survive the move. They can break or crumble when removed, requiring disposal of the old tank and purchasing a new tank for the revised location. In some cases, a larger tank may be needed, especially if the reason for moving the tank is to make room for additions to the home. For gravity systems, the right amount of downgrade is needed for proper drainage in the pipes leading to and from the tank. Everything will need to be re-fitted and secured once the new tank is in place to ensure proper function.

Before deciding to move a septic tank, have an inspection done by your local septic service and installation pro. They can help you determine the best options for moving your septic tank to accommodate your new project and give you a quote on the moving costs.

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