Why You Should Install an Indoor Septic Tank Alarm

Do you have an indoor septic tank alarm? If you have a gravity system, you may not need one. Gravity does a great job of emptying your septic tank as needed. As long as you have regular service and inspections to determine when your tank needs to be pumped, you should not have a problem. However, other systems that rely on pumps to push waste out should have an alarm to let you know when there is a problem.

Mound or uphill systems require mechanisms to push waste out of your septic tank as needed. If something should fail or there is a blockage, the tank can quickly become full. If not corrected, the tank will overflow, causing a backup of sewage into your home or business. This can cause extensive damage and cost plenty in cleanup and repairs.

An indoor septic tank alarm alerts you to when the septic tank on your property is at dangerous levels. There can be many reasons the alarm goes off – you may have had excessive use or a piece of equipment is not working as it should. Whatever the cause, the alarm lets you know that there is a problem. Having it installed indoors will let you know as soon as possible when you need to investigate an issue with your septic system.

While it is possible for an alarm to sound when there is not an overflow, this is unlikely. In most cases, if your septic alarm goes off, you should call your local septic service company for an inspection. This can help mitigate the problem before it becomes a septic failure or backup that can cost you much more in repairs.

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