Distance Between a Private Well and Septic Tank

When planning to add both a well and a septic tank to the same piece of property, it is important to make accommodations for distance. Contamination of drinking water from sewage can be deadly. If you are building a new home or business with both a private well and septic system, here are some considerations to keep in mind.

Ample Distance

Every local environmental agency may have their own rules and regulations, but there are some basic standards that can be used when planning wells and septic systems. The tank should be at least fifty feet from the well, while drain fields should be at least 100 feet from the well. However, you should always check your local regulations to ensure you are meeting the standards for your region.

Plan Before Your Build

Determining where the well and septic tank/drain field should be determined before you build. You must have the right spots for a well and for a drain field – not all ground will perc for a drain field, nor is it easy to sink a well. It is easier to find the right places for these systems and then plan the spot for your building.

Professional Advice

Your local septic service company can be of great service to you as you plan the plumbing for your new building. They can do the necessary testing to find the best spot for your drain field and septic tank, and they will know the local regulations on placement regarding water wells. Their advice in the planning stages can help save you time and money to ensure you meet all the local regulations and protect the quality of your water.

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