5 Things You Need to Know About Installing a New Septic System

If you are building a new home that will need a septic system, you want to make sure you start with everything you need for success. A septic system is a large investment and you want to ensure the one you install will last for decades to come. Planning and preparation are the most important aspects of building a new septic system that will last. Here are five things to consider when building a new septic system. 

  1. The type of system. There are several different systems available – gravity, mound, aerobic and others. The type of system you have will help determine the steps you need to take next.
  2. Tank placement. All septic systems need a tank that will hold the waste while it is treated. If you are building a home, this should be considered before you start the structure if possible.
  3. Drain field or mound. All septic systems need a place for the treated waste water from the tank to disperse. Whether you need a mound system or can use a drain field, you will need a place that will filter the water before it does into the ground. Drain fields will need to have the soil perc’d to ensure proper filtration will occur.
  4. Size of tank. The size of home and the amount of people in the home will help determine the size of septic tank you need. It is better to go larger than not big enough to avoid over-stressing the system.
  5. Find the right contractor. You need an experienced septic pro that can perform the inspections, install your system and ensure you have all the permits needed to meet local regulations.

Building a new septic system should be carefully planned to avoid problems in the future. Make sure you have a quality septic professional on your side to ensure your system is installed correctly and made to last.

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