3 Tips on How to Extend Your Septic System’s Life

Replacing a septic system can be a major expense. Depending on the size and other factors, a septic replacement can cost $10,000 or more. If you own a home with a septic system, you want to ensure your system will last as long as possible. With regular maintenance and preventive care, many septic systems can last for decades. Here are three tips to get the longest life from your septic system.

  1. Reduce waste. The more miles your car drives, the quicker it will need service or repair. The same is true for your septic system. The more waste it must process, the quicker equipment will wear out. Consider employing waste-reduction tactics in your home. Don’t use a garbage disposal – that puts too much solid waste down the drain. Use water efficient fixtures and keep water use low.
  2. Protect your system. One of the biggest causes of failure in septic systems is clogged or broken sewer lines. Make sure you keep heavy equipment and vehicles off your yard where sewer lines and the drain field are located. A broken pipe can back up the system and lead to septic failure.
  3. Regular maintenance. One of the best ways to extend the life of your septic system is with regular maintenance. Like your car, your septic system needs service. Replacing equipment as needed, cleaning out sewer lines with hydro-jetting and regular pumping from your septic professional can prevent damage to the system and prevent septic emergencies.

Investing in preventive care for your septic system is a worthwhile expenditure, especially when it can delay the need for a septic replacement. You can extend your septic system’s life by many years, saving you thousands of dollars.

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