Springtime Septic System Maintenance

After the cold months of winter have passed, there are many chores to consider around your home. You have a lawn to maintain, gardens to plant and cleanup from the winter storms. Another item to add to your to-do list for spring is septic system maintenance. You want to ensure your system did not sustain any damage from freezing, excess water or other issues throughout the winter. Here is a checklist of septic maintenance to do this springtime. 

  • Inspect your drain field. Drain fields can be damaged if too much water accumulated or if freezing temperatures cracked drainage pipes. Do an inspection of your drain field. Look for any signs of bio mat or standing water that is not absorbing into the ground; a bad odor is also a sign of issues.
  • Check your maintenance log. When was the last time your septic system was serviced and the tank pumped? After a busy winter of holiday gatherings and much time spent indoors, it may be time to have your system pumped and serviced.
  • Look for signs of trouble. Beyond the drain field, you can look for possible signs of sewer line problems in your yard and home. Soggy areas in your lawn where sewer lines run underneath could be a sign of a broken pipe that is leaking. Slow drains in the home could be alerting you to a clog. If there are any of these signs, schedule a camera inspection of your sewer lines to investigate the problem.

Your septic system should be designed to withstand the cold or wet months of winter, but there still can be problems that occur. Take the time this spring to inspect and service your septic system to avoid having your summer interrupted by a septic failure.

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