Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Septic Tank or Sewer Line Repairs?

If something goes wrong with your septic tank or sewer line, it can be quite costly to repair. Replacing an entire home sewer line, for example, could easily cost well over $10,000.  For a new septic tank, you’re looking at $2,000 plus the cost of excavation. It’s easy to see why homeowners often question whether insurance will cover this costly and seemingly sudden expense.

Homeowners insurance generally will cover a repair if the damage is unrelated to the regular care and maintenance of the sewer pipe or septic. An example of this would be if there is a fire and the sewer line is destroyed because it was located beneath the house. The insurance might cover replacement of the sewer pipes in that situation, but not if the pipes failed because they were old.

As a general rule, insurance policies do not cover sewer line repairs, but it is sometimes possible to purchase a special endorsement beyond your regular policy. It is also sometimes possible to obtain insurance coverage through your local water utility. And if you purchase a new septic tank or sewer line, it may even be possible to purchase an extended warranty to cover any problems over a five year period.

There are several important points to stress about sewer line or septic repair coverage. First, examine your current homeowner’s policy and ask questions about your coverage now. In the event of a failure, it is already too late. Second, avoid potential pitfalls by having regular scheduled septic tank inspections and maintenance of your lines by a professional sewer septic contractor. After all, nothing will be covered if it is due to your negligence.

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