Snowmelt Over Your Septic System

If you have noticed melted snow over your septic tank or septic field, you may be wondering if this is an indication of a problem or if this condition is normal.  Snowmelt over your septic tank or drain field is not necessarily a sign of problems with your septic system, but it should be checked out to be sure it is normal.

Your septic tank is buried in your yard and accumulates waste water from your home.  Solid materials settle to the bottom of the septic tank where it decomposes.  This decomposition process generates some heat and if your septic tank is close to the surface of the ground, the heat may be enough to cause snow over the septic tank to melt.

Hot water from you home can have the same effect.  If you are using hot water for laundry, dishwashing, or showers, the waste water may be warm enough to melt the snow over your septic tank.  The same is true for your septic field, especially if the ground is not frozen or if there is a light snowfall.

Check the area in and around the leech field and septic tank for any soft, mushy ground or foul odors.  If there are no odors or mushy areas in the yard and your drains and toilets are working properly, the snowmelt is probably normal.

If you find any wet, mushy areas or puddles in the yard around the septic tank or leech field, notice any odors, have slow or backed up drains and toilets, or just want to be certain, you should have your septic system inspected by a sewer-septic professional with experience in septic tank inspections.

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